Is SEO a Scam? The truth about the industry

Every day I visit many SEO and Web Marketing Forums and there are always debates about SEO ethics. After being invo…

Every day I visit many SEO and Web Marketing Forums and there are always debates about the SEO Industry and Ethics. It became clear after participating in several of these debates that there are no two SEO firms that are alike, and that there is no unified method. The industry is difficult to judge as a group because there are many different definitions of SEO. The fact that many SEO companies are secretive about their campaign and methodology makes it difficult to make generalizations. Read more now on seo service

FACT 1: There’s no single SEO methodology. Wikipedia defines SEO as a method of increasing traffic to a website from the SERPs. The real debate is HOW they achieve this.

Fact 2: The success of an SEO campaign is dependent on site structure, content, keywords, the methodology used and the popularity of the site. Sites cannot simply rank for random keywords. SEO is not voodoo either. It’s a mix of logic, problem-solving, and Web marketing. Your site will not rank if it does not provide value to the users.

FACT 3: Some SEOs do search engine optimization, while others do search-engine manipulation. All of it is marketed as SEO. Unethical optimization is short-term and provides results for any price. Ethical SEO opens the site up to search engines, and has long-term benefits.

Fact 4: SEO firms are paid regardless of whether your website ranks or not. This is unfortunately the reality of the SEO industry. The majority of SEO companies will implement A, B and C, then move on to their next client. The site should rank. They always have clients if it does not.

Fact 5: The majority of SEO companies employ both ethical and unethical strategies for inbound links. SEO companies often buy large quantities of links from India or links on scraper/spam web sites to maximize their profits. SEO companies often invest a large amount of their contract in inbound links to compensate for poor site optimization.

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