Gem Therapy

Gemstones have a high value because they are rare, and only wealthy families can purchase them learn more here. Men would wear gems, too, to show wealth and power.

In medieval and modern times, they also formed part of the kingdoms’ financial reserve. Each leader wore rubies or pearls with silver necklets and gold crowned. These gemstones enabled a ruler to stand out among his people and displayed his wealth.

But there are many other reasons for choosing semi-precious, or precious stones. The cut clarity and inherent color of gemstones are said by some to influence the natural flow of light around them. In turn, this affects their aura. Astrologers as well gem therapists think that the auras are affected by a person’s birth chart (janam patri) and their personal development. The correct gemstone will help you to overcome personality defects, problems in relationships or work, as well as any imbalances that may exist in your body.

The old kings of the past secretly used the power of magic to win battles on the battlefield and in diplomatic negotiations. This shielded them against the evil spells and rituals. The belief that gemstones could have a positive impact on someone’s personality or destiny is still prevalent, despite the fact that those days have passed. There is no harm caused to a person or another and there is no law broken. I have worn rubies as well as pearls, rubies, sapphires and even rubies to help me move forward with my relationships or when I was suffering an uncommonly severe cancer.

An external gem, such as an earring or necklace, can have a profound effect on a persons aura. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. These works are a supplement to and support of the information. In order for astrology to work properly, it is recommended that you use stones as rings.

Below is a short list of gemstones (in Hindi) that are said to have healing properties.

1) Pearl. A pearl (moti, is a small white rock with a calming effect on the mind, eye and memory.

2) Green stone or “panna” – helps with heart ailments, nervous diseases, blood-pressure problems and nose problems.

Hessonite – A brown-orange stone, (hence it’s name: go-medh/cows urine), that treats external injuries. The stone can be used for pain relief and to cool down the entire body.

Ruby (or mani), a type a of red stone can be used to raise someone’s status. It also makes them social and happy. The stone is also used as a remedy for stomach ulcers.

5) Munga, a red-colored coral that is also useful in treating blindness, measles (including mumps), diabetes and piles.

Blue Sapphire, or neelam (also used for bladder and renal troubles), can also help calm nerves.

Lahsuniya – the Cat’s Eye – is an orange/golden stone used for all stages of cancer treatments.

8) Diamant(heera)- A transparent, crystalline stone which inhibits the formation of pus or mucous. This also cures diabetes and STDs.

The yellow sapphire crystal (pukhraj) is effective in treating cholera/jaundice. This stone is useful for the treatment of dental and throat conditions.

These properties have not been clinically verified and are dependent on the beliefs of each individual. These stones should not be purchased or worn based solely on this list. You can borrow gemstones from astrologers, gemologists and other professionals as long you are following their advice. There are many who only want to make money. Some reputable astrologers are willing and able to return stones if not used.